Boston Marathoners Raise $1.9 Million With

Firstgiving reports initial 2009 numbers showing 844 charity runners raised $1,938,281, using the Firstgiving web-based fundraising platform, for their journeys’ from Hopkinton to Boston.  Since 2004 Firstgiving has hosted fundraising for 3,069 Boston Marathon charity runners.  In addition, Firstgiving runners’ number of benefiting non-profits has increased from 9 in 2004 to 98 in 2009.

Runners are able to customize their own fundraising web pages with pictures, videos and notes.  Personalized web pages allow the fundraiser to easily send links to their family and friends through e-mail and social networking sites.  Firstgiving believes that utilizing their system has enabled charity runners to raise, on average, 3 times more donations than traditional fundraising platforms.

“In 2008, runners using Firstgiving raised more than half of the money raised by all Boston Marathon charity runners,” said David Carp, Director of Marketing at  “The power each person brings to the fundraising process still continues to amaze me.  Even in difficult economic times, the stories of these fundraiser athletes inspire impressive donations, and past years have shown us that money keeps coming in long after the race is done.”

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