Run To Your Own Beat

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Learn about music-paced running and how it can help you get through your next workout.

Have you ever considered there is more to your music than the motivational words or inspirational sounds streaming through your earbuds on your daily run? You may think those are the only attributes getting you through your workout, but there may be another factor to consider.

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Learning how to use the BPM, or Beats Per Minute, of a song may make your next run easier and more enjoyable.

Essentially you can think of BPM as the metronome to your running cadence. Just as each song has a different BPM, you run at your own cadence. This can make running with music sometimes awkward if you don’t run at the cadence dictated by the BPM of your music. The key to utilizing the BPM of your mix is to understand how to make it work for you and your desired workout.

There are now a few websites out there that will help you find the proper BPM for your pace. If you are looking for an understanding of how the BPM of a song will affect your workout, a visit to will help you get started. Bob Marcus, the creator of The JogTunes Group, offers easy starters hints along with podcasts to keep you up to date on the latest in the world of music-paced running. You can use their simple search feature to find a list of songs matching the BPM you are looking for. Along with the songs, playlists and tips for runners, JogTunes also offers services to help motivate cyclists and swimmers in their aerobic endeavors.

Once you find the BPM that works best, you may want to browse over to, a less fact intensive, yet song extensive, blog dedicated to music-paced running. offers constantly updated lists of songs, sorted by BPM, off current hit lists. One great feature of this site is that you can vote on your favorite songs to help other users make their choices. Along with the extensive song choice, RunHundred offers to set up a fully customized non-stop DJ type playlist for you at the cost of $1-2 per song.

My suggestion would be if you already run with music, definitely give music-paced running a try. Use these helpful, easy to use websites to find a mix that will work for you, upload, lace up and you will be on your way to enjoying music like never before.

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