Economy Woes Hit Track Athletes, Drug News Won’t Help

Olympic years are the one time for Track and Field Athletes in America to shine and earn sponsorships to prepare for the next 4 year Olympic cycle, but amid a hostile economic environment and positive drug tests, times could not be worse.  A sport that is already thought of as second-tier in America will be one of the first to lose sponsorships.  Reading reports such as the huge drop in earning for adidas, can spell disaster for Olympic hopefuls and their already small income.  To make matters worse, three 2008 Olympic track athletes, thankfully none from the US, have tested positive for the banned blood doping substance CERA.  2004 Olympic Gold Medalist Dee Dee Trotter commented to the associated press on this very issue:

Honestly, track and field didn’t need another blow like this.  Our reputation is truly depleting and it doesn’t help when fans who have long loved the sport begin to doubt what they see.

Programs such as Trotter’s Test Me I’m Clean, are working to change the tide and bring prestige back to her sport.

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