Double Leg Amputee Oscar Pistorius Hopes To Run World Championships

Although his dream of running in the Beijing Olympics was not realized, Oscar Pistorius hopes to qualify for 2009 IAAF World Championships in Berlin.

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Amid continued controversy, double-leg amputee Oscar Pistorius looks to once again qualify for an able-bodied championship.  Pistorius is from South Africa, and due to alack of 400-meter runners in that nation, if he is able to hit the “A” qualifying standard of 44.95-seconds, he will be allowed to compete against the best in the world in the 2009 IAAF World Championships.  The Court of Arbitration for Sport allowed Pistorius to attempt to qualify for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, although he did not hit the qualifying time.

Controversy comes from the “blades”, or prostheic legs, that Pistorius uses to propel himself.  Many contend that the blades offer an unfair advantage to the South African sprinter, due to the amount of energy that is returned from each step.  Due to the fact that it is impossible to quantify how much they really help, balanced with the fact that he doesn’t have the normal movement capabilities of other athletes, the Court of Arbitration for Sport overruled the initial ruling of the IAAF that banned him from able-bodied competition.

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