Los Angeles Marathon Continues To Struggle

Organizers have seen a 50% drop in entires since the decision to move the marathon to Memorial Day.

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Frank McCourt, owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, has been at the reins of the Los Angeles Marathon since last September, yet the former highly touted race looks to continue its decline.  The 2009 Los Angeles Marathon will be held on Memorial Day for the first time, and the decision looks like it couldn’t have been a worse one.  With a combination of fears from participants over the weather and the conflict of the popular San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon taking place just 7 days prior, the race is only at half the capacity of last year.

Race officials say that they have had strong opposition by the local religious community over the Sunday race date, and were forced by the LA City Council to move it to Monday.  One must wonder why the pressure was so strong in LA, when all other major road races, sans the traditional Patriot Day start for the Boston Marathon, all take place on Sunday.  The 2010 edition will likely return to the usual March, and Sunday, race date.  Moving the date back will hopefully be enough to save the race from falling in to complete obscurity.

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