Merga Dominates Ottawa 10K, Misses World Record

2009 Boston Marathon champion came up short of the 10K World Record but still dominated the field.

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You and I would not be disappointed with a 10K time of 27:23, but 2009 Boston Marathon champion Deriba Merga of Ethiopia was. It was fast enought to give him a dominating victory at the MDS Nordian/ Ottawa 10K, but it was well shy of the world record he was chasing (27:01 by Kenyan Micah Kogo).  Merga can at least take solace in having set a new unoffical world record for 8K, 21:48, en-route.  He can take additional solace in having finished almost a full minute ahead of his closest competition, Kenya’s Boaz Cheboiywo.

Although no world record pace was being set in the women’s race, Ethiopian Teyba Erkesso made it a clean sweep for the small African nation, with a winning time of 31:51.  Erkessa dominated the field as she finished ahead of countrywoman Emebet Bacha by almost a minute.

Men’s Results:
1. Deriba Merga – Ethiopia – 27:24
2. Boaz Cheboiywo – Kenya -28:17
3. Hosea Kibet Rutto – Kenya – 28:21
4. Worku Beyi – Ethiopia – 28:36
5. Silas Sang – Kenya – 28:38

Women’s Results:
1. Teyba Erkesso – Ethiopia – 31:51
2. Emebet Bacha – Ethiopia – 32:45
3. Jane Murage – Kenya – 33:06
4. Hyvon Ngetich – Kenya – 33:12
5. Jane Kibii – Kenya – 33:34

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