Peachtree Road Race Forced To Reject 10,000 Participants

One of America’s largest races can only handle 55,000 participants on July 4th.

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The Peachtree Road Race filled to capacity and was forced to reject 10,000 applications for the 2009 edition of this July 4th Atlanta institution.  Residents of Atlanta, and other hopeful racers, are quite aware of the need to apply as soon as registration opens to get a chance at scoring one of the 55,000 entries.  What is surprising is the fact that this is the first year the organizers used online registration, which filled the first 45,000 spots.  The remaining 10,000 spots, for which there were 20,000 applicants, were filled for the “old-school” way, through an application found in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.  Something tells us the Peachtree’s registration system will be entirely “new-school” next year.

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