Twin Cities To Host Inaugural USA One Mile Road Championship

Athletes will vie for $20,500 in prizes, along with bonuses of $10,000 for the first man and woman to break 4:00 and 4:28 respectively.

The Men’s race will showcase 10 sub-4:00 milers including 2004 Olympian Gabe Jennings, 2008 Olympian Anthony Famiglietti, 2009 USA Indoor 3000m champion David Torrence and 3:54 miler Jon Rankin.  Contending for the Women’s title will be 2008 Olympian Shannon Rowbury, 2006 USA 5k Road Champion Sara Hall and Team Minnesota’s own Carrie Tollefson and Emily Brown.

Elite Entry List: (As of May 4, 2009)

Men (Name, Mile PR)

David Torrence, 3:57.04

Gabe Jennings, 3:58.25

Kyle Alcorn, 4:00.58

Jon Rankin, 4:54.24

Blake Boldon, 3:59.18

Anthony Famiglietti, 3:55.71

Darren Brown, 3:58.35

John Richardson, 4:02.1

Jordan Fife, 3:59.75

Tommy Schmitz, 3:58.92

Ran Kleimenhagen, 3:59.00

Brad Lowery, 4:01.67

Adrian Myers, 3:52.02 (1500m)

Thomas Morgan, 4:01.90

Bobby Curtis, 3:57.20

Women (Name, Mile PR)

Shannon Rowbury, 4:20.34

Sara Hall, 4:25 (Road)

Jenelle Deatherage, 4:31.58

Emily Brown, 4:37.58

Carrie Tollefson, 4:27.95

Jen Rhines, 4:09.52 (1500m)

Ann Detmer, 9:24.11 (300m)

Colleen Newhart, 4:19.12 (1500m)

Angee Henry, 5:08

Meghan Armstrong, 4:40.59

Mason Cathey, 4:49.39

Sara Vaughn, 4:22.29 (1500m, indoors)

For More: Medtronic Twin Cities 1 Mile Press Release

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