US Olympic Marathoner Ritzenhein Leaves Coach

US Olympian Dathan Rizenhein/Photo. Getty Images

After five years, Dathan Ritzenhein has decided to part ways with coach Brad Hudson.

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US Olympian Dathan Rizenhein/Photo. Getty Images

2008 Olympic Marathoner Dathan Ritzenhein has decided to leave his coach of five years, Brad Hudson, to move in a direction he is more comfortable with.  As odd as it may sound, Brad Hudson broke the news on Facebook this past weekend, which was how most news outlets learned of the split.  In his statement Hudson said that he wished Ritzenhein the best of luck in the future.  Ritzenhein is now looking for a new coach, and one can assume Hudson is looking for a new superstar as his stable of athletes continues to run dry.  Hudson lost stars Jason Hartman, Jorge and Edwardo Torres two years ago, when he moved to Eugene, OR.  Hudson will not find himself void of success, however, as stars James Carney, Boaz Cheboiywo, Sally Mayerhoff and Tera Moody still reside in his camp.

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