USATF And Nike Strengthen Partnership

Chicago 2016
Chicago 2016

Deal includes large increase if Chicago wins Olympic 2012 bid.

USATF and Nike have have extended their partnership through 2013 with options through 2017.  USA Today reports the deal to be worth approximately $10mill a year.  There is also an additional, undisclosed, amount that Nike will add to the partnership if Chicago wins its bid for the 2016 Olympic Games.

The International Olympic Committee does frown upon a sponsor helping a city with a bid, although there is no rule specifically against it.  What Americans should know is that with a powerhouse like Nike offering up additional money for a Chicago Olympics, it will only help their chances.  When the US Olympic Committee sees this type of support they are certainly more confident in their meetings with the IOC and with their support of the Chicago bid.

For More: USA Today

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