Girl Gear: Saucony Grid Type A2

Saucony Grid Type A2 ($90)

Inside Triathlon assistant editor Susan Grant reviews the Saucony Grid Type A2 ($90) racing flats in this week’s edition of Girl Gear.

I can’t finish a run without getting a comment about these shoes. The bright cobalt blue siding, grey and white mesh uppers, and silver shoelaces make these shoes fashionable on the starting line and in the Starbucks line.

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The heel of the shoe has a unique feature.

Make sure to lift up your foot so the annoying person behind you tapping their foot while you order your coffee can clearly read the “kiss this” printed on the soles. Once you slip these on you’ll know why they are popular with pros like the U.S.’ Linsey Corbin and Australian Kate Major.

While looking sharp is half the battle, it turns out the slick-look of these shoes belies a highly functional racing flat. The bright blue sides of these shoes are highly reflective for those dawn and late-dusk runs. The tongue and heel have pull-loops for quick entry and adjustment, a nice feature to have in the transition area. The mesh uppers are highly breathable, and the shoe weighs in at less than 6 ounces, making it ideal an ideal hot weather racing flat. Because of the lightweight nature of this shoe, it’s meant for neutral runners who don’t need elaborate cushioning or stabilization features.

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