Los Angeles Marathon Officially Changes Date, Course

Los Angeles Marathon

After weeks of debate, the Los Angles City Council approved the change.

It is not big news that the 2009 edition of the Los Angeles Marathon was shrouded in controversy, from the change of ownership to the change in date. Thankfully, new ownership has received the approval to move the race date back to its traditional place on a Sunday in early March. The LA City Council voted 12-0 to allow the race to change the date back, although it was not without concessions. The race course is going to change, which is likely for the better, with a start in Dodger Stadium and a finish in an undetermined area on the coast. In order to effect these changes the race had to agree to move the start before 7am and avoid large clusters of churches along the route. The main reason the race was held on a Monday in 2009 was pressure from religious groups that said the race conflicted with their ability to worship.

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