USATF President Reacts To Steeplechase Debacle In Eugene

USATF President Doug Logan. Photo: USATF Website

USATF President Doug Logan. Photo:

Logan agrees that mistake is unacceptable.

In his blog, Shin Splints, on the USATF website, organization president Doug Logan spoke out about the incorrect setting of the women’s steeplechase barrier height at the national championships in Eugene this June.

In the first round of the women’s 3000m steeplechase competition the water barrier/jump was set three inches higher than normal (at the men’s height), a small error with large implications in the highly technical event.

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The issue may have been a simple side-note to an otherwise well-run meet, however in the first heat Michigan State runner Nicole Bush stumbled off the improperly set barrier and broke two bones in her foot.

According to Logan there are reports she may have actually been given the cold shoulder when looking for answers the next day. Logan has come out taking 100 percent responsibility for the injury and calls for more responsibility to be taken within his organization. The blog is a great read and a candid look into what we can all hope is a more open and self-assessing organization.

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