Girl Gear Review: Moving Comfort Sports Bras

Online editor Liz Hichens reviews sports bras from Moving Comfort in this week’s edition of Girl Gear.

With most athletic companies it seems that the major engineering and design efforts go into big-ticket items such as tops, bottoms and shoes. Sports bras are often an after thought, with many companies using the same design over and over again and adapting colors and patterns to match the tops, bottoms and shoes.  Most women will agree that no matter our size, sports bras are an important part of our athletic wardrobe.

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While Moving Comfort does design tops, bottoms and accessories, the majority of its resources go right into its sports bras. For evidence of this, check out their website at The first category, usually reserved for a company’s standout product, is its sports bras. The site also features an interactive bra finder.

I got a chance to try out three different sports bra styles:

Alexis Printed Bra ($36)

Alexis Printed Bra ($36): This bra was the most fun one I tested. At a cost of only $36, it is also one of the most affordable fashion sports bras I’ve received. The first time I got to wear the Alexis was on my first run on a cruise in the Eastern Caribbean. Normally, I’m not comfortable wearing a sports bra with nothing over it. But on a cruise jogging-path, it was not only appropriate, but also necessary because of the Caribbean heat. The fun design and flattering shape make you feel like you’re wearing a cute bathing suit top without worrying about a lack of support. This is the perfect sports bra if you’re looking to run by the beach (or on a cruise) while only wearing a sports bra and shorts.

Diana Bra A/B ($52)

Diana Bra A/B ($52): The Diana A/B Bra is a perfect example of the specificity that goes into the creation of these sports bras. This sports bra is made only for women who wear an A or B cup; there is no version for C or D cups. Additionally, the Diana is made for longer events such as triathlons or marathons. When I first received it I had to do a double take. Did they really create a sports bra for women who wear a size A/B cup and do triathlons? They really did. I wore this sports bra on my final long run leading into my first half-Ironman. After the run, I realized I had never really taken the time to think about how it felt. From my perspective, this is a good thing. Long runs usually mean a sports bra that is either too big or is so tight that it affects my breathing. It also usually means chafing either under the armpits or on the back. This bra fit perfectly and left me with no chafing. It’s a winner.

Phoebe Bra A/B ($34)

Phoebe Bra A/B ($34): This bra was the simplest one I tested. Like the Diana, it is created for A and B cups. They call the Phoebe the “go-to bra for smaller breasted women”, and after giving it a try that’s exactly how I would describe it. I’ve worn the Phoebe several times since receiving it. It works perfectly for everything. I’ve lifted weights, gone on a long cycling ride and done sprint workouts in this sports bra. It is breathable and comfortable for every workout. If I could only have one sports bra in my wardrobe, this would be it.

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