South African Female 800m Runner Faces Gender Test, Could Be Disqualified

Caster Semenya at the world championships. Photo:

Rumors are swirling over the gender of South African Caster Semenya. Photo:

Caster Semenya has the fastest time in the world this year.

Reports are surfacing that South African 800m runner Caster Semenya has been forced to undergo a gender test to see if she is in fact a woman. The young South African has run the fastsest time in the world this year, 1:56.72. She easily won the women’s 800m final at the world championships in Berlin, Germany.

If her test proves she is not a female she will be disqualified from the competition. The issue at hand is a true gender test is very complicated and can take a long time to produce results.

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For a more in depth look at the issues here please check out The Science of Sport blog linked below, they are actually scientists and can explain the issues far better than I ever could.

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