Bolt vs. Bekele: It Could Happen!

The world’s best sprinter and world’s best distance runner could toe the line.

How amazing would it be to see Jamaican Usain Bolt and Ethiopian Kenenisa Bekele line up for an all-out 600m race? It could happen, and both athletes seemed intrigued by the concept. Bolt, the world record holder at 100m and 200m, has never run a race over 400m. Bekele, the world record holder in the 5000m and 10,000m, has never run a race under 1,500m.

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It seems as though the logical race would be between 600-800m, although the longer distance may be a bit too long for Bolt. All I know is that I would pay to watch that match-up. What would happen if Bolt comes around the final bend with Bekele? The stadium would be rocking and all bets would be off.

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