Semenya Gender Results Leak To Public

The Caster Semenya controversy continues. Photo:

The Caster Semenya controversy continues. Photo:

The leak is yet to be confirmed by any party.

The latest news on South African 800m world champion Caster Semenya point towards more controversy. According to reports leaked to the media the results of her gender test, performed in accordance with the wishes of the IAAF, has revealed that she in fact is a hermaphrodite.

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The leak contends that she does not have a womb or ovaries, but instead has testes that sit inside her body. Neither the IAAF, South African Federation nor Semenya has made a comment on the leak, and therefore should simply be considered rumor at this point. This seems to be in line with what most experts believe she is, not really a man and not really a woman. Caster Semenya Coverage

As usual, I defer to our good friends at the Science of Sport to help us best understand the complex scientific concepts here.

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