South African Sport Chief Appologizes For Semenya Debacle

Caster Semenya at the world championships. Photo:

Caster Semenya at the world championships. Photo:

Not surprising, there was a test done on Semenya, but covered up.

The South African Chief of Sport has publicly apologized for not revealing that Caster Semenya had a gender test performed prior to the world championships. Leonard Chuene said he did in fact know she had been tested but decided to let her run before the tests were returned.

According to officials, who I’m not sure we can trust any longer, the tests are still not back on either the South African test or the test called for by the IAAF.

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Proving they had their own doubts over the gender of the 800m world champion casts shadows over their entire defense of the young girl. While calling the IAAF inquiry humiliating and unnecessary, they in fact themselves had put her through the same testing.

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