Katie Visco Completes Run Across America

Twenty-four-year-old Katie Visco pauses during day 276 of her run across America. Photo: Kurt Hoy

Illinois native becomes youngest female to run across the United States.

Twenty-four-year-old Katie Visco became the youngest female to run across the United States of America when she stepped into the Pacific Ocean of San Diego’s Mission Beach at 11:15 am this morning, nine months after setting out from Boston, Massachusetts.

Visco’s run, which began on March 29, 2009, covered a total of 3,132 miles. She ran an average of 11.3 miles per day (277 days) and went through nine pairs of Puma Concinnity running shoes—each numbered with a marking pen.

The motivation? To “inspire people to follow their passions,” according to Visco. The run also was intended to benefit Girls On The Run, a non-profit organization that encourages preteen girls to develop self respect through running.

Visco ran 3,132.5 miles from Boston to San Diego. She completed the nine-month run on December 29, 2009.

Although knee pain slowed her to a walk during the last two weeks of her crossing, Visco says that she never considered giving up.

Visco’s run was supported by a van (driven by a friend), and most nights were spent in the homes of people who heard about the run and offered a bed. Visco stayed with 85 different hosts along the way. She also stopped at schools, churches, and running clubs to speak.

A native of Glen Ellyn, Illinois, Visco graduated from Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota in 2007. Before setting out to cross America, she had never run more than fourteen miles at any one time.

For more on Visco’s run, visit her Web site: paveyourlane.com.

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