Brooks Sports CEO Chimes In On Barefoot Running Craze

Top running shoe brand’s leader tries his best to be objective.

Jim Weber, CEO of Brooks Sports, a leader in the running shoe industry, commented in his most recent blog post about the barefoot running movement. In his post, Weber does his best to see both sides of the debate, admitting that there are some “biomechanically blessed” individuals that can run barefoot if they so desire. However, as could be predicted, Weber explains, that, when referring to the majority group of mid-pack runners, “we strongly believe most of our mileage should be logged in a performance running shoe, not barefoot.”

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It is no surprise that a company like Brooks would find it necessary to comment on the barefoot running movement, as it has caught fire since the release of the now bestselling book “Born to Run”, by Chris McDougall. Not only does the book promote barefoot running, but it accuses the modern running shoe, such as those made by Brooks, to be the cause of most running related ailments.

To read the entire blog post by Jim Weber click here: The Brooks Blog.

Below is our recent interview with author Chris McDougall regarding his book “Born To Run.”

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