The Coastal Challenge—Going Beyond 26.2

Coastal Challenge
The six-day adventure will be held in Costa Rica from January 31 to February 6, 2010. Photo: J. Andres Vargas

Taking their new found love of running to the next level, some runners are looking for a longer-distance challenge and they’ll get just that with TCC Adventures’ flagship ultra-marathon named The Coastal Challenge (TCC) held in Costa Rica from January 31 to February 6, 2010.

Set within some of the most breathtaking, remote and demanding running routes in the world, runners from around the world cover approximately 200 kilometers of exotic and wild Costa Rican mountainous regions and rugged coastline.

For six days, runners embrace the spirit of adventure, discovery and camaraderie within a long distance running competition while navigating wide river crossings, rainforests, jungles, windswept highlands, beaches and rock outcroppings.  It is an expedition run of epic proportions introducing competitors to the hospitality of the local Tico culture while pushing the limits of their will and endurance.

More than just a foot race, TCC Adventures will contribute to the community by way of donations to the Red Cross, the Nature Conservancy and dance troupes that are preserving local cultural dances. This approach provides a uniquely authentic race within the backdrop of an adventure for racers seeking a challenge and a way to give back to the communities they trek through.

The 2010 edition of The Coastal Challenge, the “Route of Fire,” takes place January 30–February 1 in northwest Costa Rica. For more information, visit

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