One Million And Counting

Sunday’s race will be Truman’s sixth marathon. “It was the Army that got me started in running,” says the retired Army Reserve Lieutenant Colonel. “My first marathon was the Marine Corps Marathon in 2007. Since then I’ve been trying to do two or three marathons a year. That’s enough so I’m always training for the next one without overdoing it.”

Truman has run one Rock ‘n’ Roll event previously: the 2008 Country Music Half Marathon. “It was awesome,” he says. “I loved all the bands on the course. Part of why I run marathons is the excitement and the energy. I’m really looking forward to the experience in New Orleans.”

Truman says his goal is to break five hours. “I’m not a fast runner,” he confesses. “That’s not what I’m in it for. I run to keep in shape, feel good about myself and just to be involved in the excitement of the events.”

With just hours to go before Truman is able to consummate his status as the one-millionth Rock ‘n’ Roller, Tracy Sundlun offers these words of thanks: “Congratulations and welcome to the Family, Karl!  All of us at the Competitor Group are both grateful for and honored by the running community’s support of our events, and I promise that we will continue to spend every waking hour working to justify your confidence in us.”

It’s not a check for $10 million, but it’s something!


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