Daycare Teacher Stars In Day Five Of The Coastal Challenge

Shannon MacLeod trained for seven months with one goal, finish. Photo: J. Andrés Vargas - Lead Adventure Media

Montero, Barbee lengthen their leads.

Written by: Greg Dawson

While race leaders continue to push forward in their quest to be crowned race champion on day five of The Coastal Challenge, Shannon MacLeod (Canada) has already won the race in her mind.

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Shannon MacLeod trained for seven months with one goal, finish. Photo: J. Andrés Vargas - Lead Adventure Media

After seven months of training with running coach and professional endurance athlete Jen Segger, MacLeod reached her goal on day two.

With 12,000 feet of elevation change over a 55-kilometer course, day two features one of the hardest routes of the race. Runners had to climb the continental divide by a certain time or they were disqualified and moved down to the shorter, but still difficult adventure portion.

“I trained for seven months with countless back-to-back weekend long runs and raised money by selling coffee and muffins to my kids’ parents and collected cans to recycle,” said MacLeod. “There was absolutely no way I was going to miss that cutoff.”

MacLeod, with thoughts of well wishes from her students, made the cutoff and has been running strong every day since.

“Physically, I knew Jen’s training had me ready,” said MacLeod. “And mentally, I had prepared myself to finish since day one so I was determined to make it and I did.”

Of course, it didn’t get any easier from there. MacLeod, who had given everything she had to make the cutoff the day before, found herself struggling on day three.

“I had gone out so strong the day before that I felt very weak the next day,” said Macleod. “But looking around I realized I was running somewhere wicked and awesome and I powered through.”

Top three men’s division finishing times: Javier Montero (CRC) 1:59:00, Cesar Ortega (CRC) 2:09:45 and Ty Stevens (USA) 2:15:56.

Top three women’s division finishing times: Melida Barbee
(CRC) 2:43:19, Margaret Phillips (Canada) 2:55:53 and Stacey Shand (Canada) 3:24:50.

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