First London, Then New York

Written by: Deena Kastor

Aspen is truly Andrew’s and my best friend.  So much that we fed her the bone from the leg of lamb I made last week.  I was too late to notice that with her powerful jaws and teeth (coupled with her insatiable appetite), she ate part of the bone.  What followed was one of my more stressful weeks. She was throwing up for two days, had blood in her stools and was clearly not feeling well.  Although the vet didn’t seem too concerned, I sure was. Seven days later, she is still working herself back to normal. With most of the drama behind, I can reflect on the minutes in between hovering over our 14 year old Chocolate lab.

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The biggest excitement of the week was deciding to run this year’s ING NY City Marathon with Meb.  Well, I won’t be running WITH him, but we’ll both be competing.  Over the last decade, Meb has inspired me, and his win in NY last year was one of the highlights of watching him.  I look forward to preparing for the same race with him here in Mammoth Lakes, California. We’ll be up here all summer putting in the training necessary to perform well in NY.   Although Andrew and I leave this Sunday for London, it is fun to have my next goal to look forward to.

We began this week with a rejuvenation run.  For four years Coach Terrence has been eyeing a trail from the highway.  We never knew how to get there, but it continued to lure him.  Today, we set out to find the trailhead. I’ll admit I was a little scared when I saw Andrew’s car pull away with the intentions of meeting us 8 miles up the grade at Rock Creek where we were hoping this trail would traverse to a civilized end.  It was a beautiful (albeit hilly) trail that followed the deer migration paralleling the main highway into Mammoth.  With only one climb that seemed to get to us, the run inspired and uplifted the group.   Mammoth is my favorite place on earth for this reason.  I have lived and trained here for almost 10 years and still find trails that move me.

The Virgin London Marathon is quickly approaching and as I set aside my water bottles, peachy keen Cytomax, my uniform and lucky porcelain cats (a gift from my friends at PF Chang’s) I am getting excited.  I took a break from packing some stuff to write this blog.  Aspen followed me to the computer and is faithfully lying at my feet.  I am grateful she is here, make no bones about it.

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