Tips For Marathon Wear And Post-Marathon Celebrating

The expo is a fun place to purchase some great running gear and gadgets, so go nuts…you deserve it.  My advice is only that you use your expo purchases for YOUR NEXT marathon preparations. That’s right, you’ll do it again. If it’s your first marathon or half-marathon experience, you are about to gain a very healthy addiction to running and racing. Now, back to clothing. Your racing outfit could be the one you chose for all your long runs because it was comfortable (and good looking). It could be your team’s singlet, but make sure you’ve practiced in it. You may even ask your local running store for some Chafe Free Powder.

I’m off to Napa and I’ll have a glass of wine for you since you’re still in training. If you want a fun gift for your marathon friends or for your post-race party, try

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