Carl Lewis Supports Doug Logan

America’s most decorated track athlete defends the CEO of USA Track & Field .

Carl Lewis, the former U.S. sprinting sensation won nine Olympic gold medals over the course of his illustrious career, has voiced his support for Doug Logan, the CEO of USA Track & Field whose job is rumored to be in jeopardy.

“I love Doug Logan. He’s the best thing they ever could’ve done for the sport,” Lewis told The Associated Press. “But the reality is, when you have a dysfunctional organization, you can see the difficulty people can have turning it around. If the volunteers would get out of the way, let Doug do his thing, let his vision push forward, it would happen. But we have a dysfunctional organization and it’s hard to get anything done.”

Logan’s job security came into question this summer, but the CEO has been under fire since the United States’ disappointing showing at the 2008 Olympic Games. USA Track & Field meets this weekend in Las Vegas, where Logan will present to fellow board members. Lewis believes Logan is trying to be ousted by volunteers within USA Track & Field that keep the organization from functioning the way it should.

“Someone wants his job, that’s the reality,” Lewis said. “It’s just ridiculous…The key to that is it’s being run by people who don’t understand anything outside their own zip code.”

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