Gotcher Ready For 20K Title Defense

All eyes will be on the Stanford alum at Monday’s national championship.

At last year’s New Haven Road Race, which doubles at the U.S. 20K Championship, Brett Gotcher pulled away from Mo Trafeh to break the tape in 58:57, claiming his first national title. It was a monumental day for the Stanford alum, who went on to run a 2:10:35 debut marathon earlier this year, securing himself a sponsorship deal with adidas.

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“It was huge, like my defining breakthrough last year,” Gotcher said. “It was a huge confidence boost for me. It was one of the best years I had in my running career, so it kind of has a special spot in my heart. I am hoping for a similar (experience) this year.”

Gotcher will return to New Haven on Monday to defend his crown, an achievement he knows won’t be any easier the second time around, especially when the rest of the field will be keeping a close eye on his every move.

“It was a great feeling,” Gotcher said of last year’s victory. “I had yet to be in a position like that in a race as big as that 20K. I felt like it was going to come down to the very end, knowing that I had a shot and how good I felt at that time, I knew I had a real legitimate chance to take it. It is exciting and a feeling that I want to try to get back.”

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