Safety Concerns Surround Commonwealth Games

Competing countries consider withdrawing from competition.

Citing safety fears, many of the countries slated to compete in next month’s Commonwealth Games in Delhi, India are delaying their athletes’ departures or considering withdrawal from competition altogether.

Some 6,500 athletes from 71 ┬ácountries are slated to compete in India, which is hosting the event for the first time. Recent terror threats in the country’s capital, along with the unacceptable condition of the athlete’s village and concerns about the structural integrity of competition facilities, have officials from competing countries reconsidering their participation in the event.

“A significant part of the athletes’ village residential zone is far from finished and nowhere near an acceptable standard in terms of health, safety, and hygiene,” said one Scottish official.

Representative from England have made said they are strongly considering withdrawing from the Games altogether if safety and conditions don’t improve.

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