Montana Runners Raise Money For The Tarahumara

The tribe of indigenous runners made famous by the book “Born to Run” are getting some help from a group of Montana ultramarathoners.

The group Run Wild Montana, which plans to attend the Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon in Mexico next year, brought ¬†Micah True, aka “Caballo Blanco” of “Born To Run” to Missoula, Montana to lecture to the group as a way of raising money for the Tarahumara–a tribe whose culture is threatened by drug cartels and abject poverty. So far, the ¬†group has raised nearly $8,000 for the cause. In attendance at True’s lecture was Missoula resident Trisha Miller.

“It’s always inspiring to hear people who run for themselves and run for others, and who dedicate themselves through this sport to the end result [of] giving back,” said Miller, who has been a runner herself the past eight years.

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