New York Road Runners Off To A Running Start

Instructional videos aim to inspire coaches and shape a new generation of runners.

From: Running USA Wire

Building on their acclaimed youth running programs in hundreds of schools across the country, New York Road Runners has released ground-breaking teaching videos to inspire coaches and shape a new generation of runners.

A Running Start: The Video Resource for Coaching Youth Runners is a free online collection of 83 coaching videos developed by New York Road Runners to teach the fundamentals of running. Created in collaboration with a team of expert youth coaches and exercise physiologists, A Running Start offers a wealth of instruction for coaches and P.E. teachers who want to teach kids how to run.

rs_logoAt, youth coaches and educators will find real-world activity demonstrations combined with guidelines, advice and best practices to teach running skills. Kids will love the games and drills because they’re fun to do and will help them improve their performance. Veteran and novice coaches alike will appreciate the activities and knowledge that helps them teach fundamental topics, particularly pacing and good form, so kids learn to run enjoyably, effectively and safely.

“A Running Start is the most thorough video resource I have ever seen for the introduction and implementation of training for young runners,” says Pete Rea, elite athlete coach and coordinator at the ZAP Fitness Team USA Training Center. “From games to keep training enjoyable to the proper stretching techniques for young runners, A Running Start is a must-use resource for all those who work with our young athletes.”

A Running Start features:

  • More than 80 videos with essential games and drills
  • Activities designed for elementary, middle and high school-age kids
  • Introductory overviews relaying key concepts for each age group and category
  • Visual analysis on breaking down, teaching and correcting for good form
  • In-depth displays for proper, effective and safe training
  • Real-world demonstrations and expert tips to improve running technique
  • Fun activities that will keep kids coming back to practice

To launch A Running Start, NYRR is giving away more than $10,000 in cash and prizes to support youth running and fitness. Review A Running Start at:

NYRR’s running-based youth programs, which currently serve more than 100,000 children in hundreds of schools and community centers, promote children’s health and fitness, character development and personal achievement in underserved communities.

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