Ryan Hall Confirms Split From Mahon, Mammoth

Ryan Hall announced on Friday that he will no longer be coached by Terrence Mahon and will not train in Mammoth Lakes this winter. Photo: PhotoRun.net

Ryan Hall announced on Friday that he will no longer be coached by Terrence Mahon and will not train in Mammoth Lakes this winter. Photo: PhotoRun.net

Marathoner does not name new coach; will not train in Mammoth this winter.

Written by: Mario Fraioli

A day after his now former Mammoth Club teammates said he would be splitting from his longtime coach Terrence Mahon, Ryan Hall confirmed on Friday that those rumors were indeed reality.

“I believe we are all dynamic individuals and thus change is an inevitable part of life, Hall wrote in his Steps Foundation blog on Friday afternoon. “Recently, I prayerfully decided that it was time for me to make a change in my running career and withdrawal from the Mammoth Track Club.”

Friday’s blog entry was the first statement on the matter released by Hall, who is reported to be vacationing in Central America with his wife, Sara. Running Times senior editor Scott Douglas broke the story on Thursday afternoon and Runner’s World’s Peter Vigneron reported that Mammoth Track Club members Anna Pierce and Josh Cox said Hall confirmed his decision with them via e-mail earlier this week. The couple’s names no longer appeared on the Mammoth Track Club’s website as of Thursday.

Hall, who pulled out of this year’s Bank of America Chicago Marathon after a disappointing 13th-place finish at the ING Rock ‘n’ Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon on September 19, expressed gratitude throughout his entry “for all that our coach, teammates, and town have invested in us over the past five years.” He went on to write that he and Sara will not train in Mammoth this winter and that the couple is looking to explore other training venues, although he didn’t name any specific locations.

“Though we do intend to spend time training in our home, Mammoth Lakes, this change will allow us greater flexibility in both our day to day training and in our location,” Hall wrote. “Sara and I will plan to train in a variety of locations at both sea level and at altitude, whatever makes most sense for the time period as I prepare for a spring marathon.  We will likely not be training in Mammoth until the spring or summer due to the long winter.  I believe this flexibility will give us a greater capacity to maximize our training.”

So, who will coach Hall? Although he didn’t provide a clear answer in his blog, it seems he will be largely self-coached and will gather advice from a number of unnamed resources.

“I will be using some different sources to shape my training,” Hall wrote. “Over the past 14 years of running I have developed a keen body awareness, which I will use on a daily basis, as well as advice from various experts, and prayer to ultimately shape my training.  I believe that operating in this manner will allow me to run with a new level of faith and excitement.”

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