Are Ice Baths Really Good For You?

Painful, post-run ice baths could do more harm than good according to scientists at the English Institute of Sport.

World-record holder Paula Radcliffe swears by them. “It takes the inflammation down in my legs and although it’s cold at the time it makes you feel so much better half an hour later,’ she says.

Many runners of all abilities take the plunge into an ice-cooled tub after their workouts.

But are these baths really good for you in the long run?

According to scientists at the English Institute of Sport, the practice can also limit the growth and strengthening of muscle fibers, which is a key goal of training. In the words of physiologist Jonathan Leeder, “Long-term use of the strategy could be detrimental to performance.”

But not all experts agree.

Scientists from the Neuroinflammation Research Center at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio found a hormone produced by inflamed tissue that could help heal damaged muscle.

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