Brad Hudson Weighs In On Ritzenhein’s Form

Dathan Ritzenhein’s former coach thinks Ritz’s form was just fine.

In a recent interview, Coach Brad Hudson of the Marathon Performance Training Group based out of Eugene, Oregon doesn’t think Alberto Salazar needed to alter Dathan Ritzenhein’s running form. “He [Ritzenhein] is one of the slowest athletes ever to break 13 minutes, and his form was not different in that race, the 5,000,” Hudson said.

Hudson went on to point out that Ethiopian world-record holder Kenenisa Bekele, a runner who’s form coaches like to use as a model for their athletes, actually runs two different ways. According to Hudson: “[Bekele’s] one of the few athletes who can run on his forefoot on the track, and he can run on his heels in the mud. So, I’m not huge on changing elite athletes‘ form, especially Dathan.”

Along with being open to coaching Ritzenhein again, Hudson noted that he would love to coach 2:06 marathoner Ryan Hall. “I think he is a great ambassador for the sport,” Hudson said of Hall. “I think Ryan is an amazing athlete. I think the best days are ahead of him. We need him in this sport.”

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