Brad Pitt to Play Trapped Chilean Miner Edison Pena?

Brad Pitt could play Edison Pena in an upcoming film. Photo:

Pitt’s production company has supposedly approached the Chilean miners’ representative.

Chilean Miner Edison Pena was first made famous for running while trapped 2,300 feet underneath the surface of the earth. He was then thrust into the world spotlight when he completed the ING New York City Marathon–his first marathon–in under six hours earlier this month. Now, will the likes of Brad Pitt play him in an upcoming movie about the saga?

Pitt’s production company, Plan B, has reportedly approached the Chilean miners’ representative, Edgardo Reinoso, to purchase official film rights from the miners. The miners confirm they have received ten offers a day since their rescue. Reinoso says the miners are expected to set up a company that would handle all their business affairs including film rights.

Were he to star in the film, Pitt could either play Pena or Yonni Barrios, the miner who left his wife to be with his mistress.

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