Craig Mottram Running Chiba Ekiden Relay

Craig Mottram will be running the opening 5K leg next week in Japan. Photo:

Mottram has been dealing with injury, but appears to be ready to race.

One of Australia’s best distance runners will be taking part in the Chiba Ekiden Relay in Japan next week. Craig Mottram, 30, was the bronze medallist in the 2005 World Championships. He will be running the opening 5K leg for his team. Mottram ran this same leg last year, clocking 13:23.

But Mottram has been dealing with injuries lately and nearly missed taking part in the relay.

Having endured major Achilles injuries in the last few years, Mottram and coach Chris Wardlaw were set to err on the side of caution when he experienced some pain in the tendon on his other leg in the last few weeks.

“When he had that little niggle, it was me more than Craig who wanted to be conservative about Chiba, but he’s decided that he’s good to go,” said Wardlaw. “He really got back to a good high level of fitness and he’s in a much better position now than when he went to to Chiba last year.”

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