Gebrselassie And Tergat To Help South African Runners

Paul Tergat has been recruited to help improve South African running.

Paul Tergat has been recruited to help improve South African running.

South Africa’s top marathoner is getting world-class help for his country.

Former ING New York City Marathon champion Hendrick Ramaala has recruited the likes of former marathon world-record holder  Paul Tergat and the current world-record holder, Haile Gebrselassie to help him with improving the state of running in South Africa. Ramaala is a self-described ambassador for South African running and has mentioned in previous interviews that he wants to take part in reforming Athletics South Africa, the country’s governing body for track and field.

“I was in the United States last weekend for the New York Marathon, where I also had the opportunity to meet Haile and Paul,” Ramaala said. “We discussed various issues in terms of taking athletics in Africa to another level. We want to see Africans continuing to dominate athletics in the world.”

Ramaala’s comments come on the heels of Gebrselassie’s recent retirement from running last Sunday when he dropped out of the ING New York City Marathon near the 16-mile mark.

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