Lisa Koll Assimilating Well With Her New Nike Team

Lisa Koll just joined her new teammates in Hawaii for vacation. Photo:

She refers to them as “family”.

Four-time NCAA champion Lisa Koll recently relocated from Iowa to Oregon to start her professional career as a member of the Nike team. Last July, the 23-year-old Koll won the Bix 7 road race in Davenport, Iowa. The initial decision to turn professional instead of continue her veterinary studies ended up being the tough part for Koll. “It was a big decision to move across the country,” Koll said. “It seemed like a hard decision, but after I made it I didn’t know why it was so hard. If I want to become the best athlete I can be, this is the best place to do it. Change is a good thing. Hopefully it works out well for me.”

So far, so good for Koll. Just this week, she paid to join her Nike teammates for a vacation in Hawaii. “It sounds cliché, but everyone is like a family,” Koll said. “Everyone planned this [vacation] separately, but together. They brought their families, husbands, wives, kids. We’re enjoying each other’s company.”

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