Paula Radcliffe’s Harrowing Birth Experience

Paula Radcliffe holds her new son, Raphael. Photo: Hello! Magazine

Paula Radcliffe holds her new son, Raphael. Photo: Hello! Magazine

The world-record marathoner’s second birthing experience was a lot more traumatic.

Paula Radcliffe recently gave birth to her second son, Raphael, in Monaco. The birthing experience was more harrowing than the first. “He had the cord wrapped twice round his neck,” said Radcliffe. A doctor realized something was wrong and summoned emergency staff to help him. “I think you can get this baby out really fast,” the doctor told Radcliffe.

“It was like a training session with them all yelling at me, ‘Go on,'” recalls Radcliffe.

When little Raphael was born he wasn’t crying. Radlciffe and husband Gary Lough were distraught. “After a couple minutes they got a resuscitation bag and inflated his lungs,” said Paula. “Then he started crying and it was just the best sound.”

Raphael was kept in an incubator for an hour before Paula was able to hold him. He is now in perfect health.

Radcliffe hopes to return to running and qualify for the London Olympics. “I’m hoping to do some running by Christmas and be back to doing normal training in January,” she added. “The big goal for me is 2012 and running a marathon some time in 2011 to qualify.”

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