The NY Times Stands Behind Its Gebrselassie Story

The largest metropolitan newspaper in the United States says it got the story right.

In a written reply to, The New York Times stood behind its story concerning the circumstances surrounding Haile Gebrselassie’s retirement decision. In an article that appeared in the paper two days ago, reporter Jeré Longman wrote in great depth about some of the political pressures Gebrselassie had been facing in his homeland.  Longman had noted that Gebrselassie’s manager, Jos Hermens had suggested that Gebrselassie’s emotional decision to retire might have stemmed in part from political pressure he was feeling in Ethiopia. His phone has been tapped by government officials and he has faced some sort of blackmail attempt.

Since the article appeared, Gebrselassie and Hermens went on Ethiopian national television and vehemently denied what was reported by the paper.

According to Tom Connelly, assistant to the sports editor, the paper got it right. “The New York Times stands by its story. Jeré reported what he was told. We reported the story correctly,” wrote Connelly.

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