Will Ice Stop The Seattle Marathon?

Despite the frigid temperatures, the race director is remaining optimistic about this weekend’s marathon.

The streets of Seattle, Washington are currently covered in ice. This does not bode well for an estimated 12,000 runners who want to run the marathon there this Sunday. However, according to race director Louise Long, the weather should not be a factor. Pointing to the race-day forecast on her iPhone, which shows 48-degree temperatures and sun, Long tried to reassure runners. “The weather looks great from here on out,” she said.

Seattle has recently been undergoing unseasonably cold temperatures.

“It’ll be a great, upbeat thing for people who have been cooped up in their houses for a few days to come and cheer people on,” Long said.

According to race officials, the marathon will not be cancelled unless the Seattle police or transportation officials make the call. Long indicated that this isn’t expected.

The Seattle Marathon was founded in 1970. It is always held the Sunday following Thanksgiving. Runner’s World magazine has listed it as one of the top-20 marathons in the United States.

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