Meet The Rock ‘n’ Rollers: Jan & Brian

A first-timer and a veteran are equally excited for this weekend’s race.

Written by: Laurie Steiner

The First-Timer’s Thrill

A 54-year-old controller and risk manager, Jan hasn’t always been a runner. In fact, in high school she was a cheerleader and the valedictorian of her class. According to Jan, she really never had the stamina for running.

That is, until now. Just five years ago, Jan attended a step class at her local YMCA. This then progressed into boot camp and Pilates—where her instructor inspired her to start running more often. In the spring of 2010, Jan decided to scratch an item off her bucket list and has been actively running ever since, now regularly participating in a Houston-based running group.

The Rock ‘n’ Roll San Antonio Half Marathon marks Jan’s very first race and she couldn’t be more thrilled.

“Rock ‘n’ Roll San Antonio will be the first of many races to come,” Jan said. “I’ve come to discover that I’m a natural competitor and enjoy running with others. I’m really looking forward to crossing the finish line and having a margarita after the race!”

Veteran Excitement

Forty-two-year-old chemical company founder and president Brian has always been active. Growing up in the Midwest, he played football, wrestled and enjoyed daredevil sports such as mountain biking and skiing.

An avid runner for the past eight years, Brian initially got involved through his interest in triathlons. After liking running much more than he expected and improving quickly, Brian ran in his first marathon in January 2003.

He participated in the Rock ‘n’ Roll San Antonio Half Marathon last year and is looking forward to running again this Sunday.

“San Antonio is a great venue,” Brian said. “The Rock ‘n’ Roll race is full of excitement and there’s lots of participation. For me, this race isn’t about making my best time—it’s about taking it easy and having fun.”

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