Artist To Design New Terry Fox Sculpture

Luben Boykov's conceptual drawing of the Terry Fox statue. Photo: Globe and Mail

A new statue is being cast of Canada’s legendary runner.

Luben Boykov from Newfoundland, Canada is no stranger to a marathon similar to Terry Fox’s “Marathon of Hope”. In 1989, the Bulgarian artist  jumped off a plane bound for Havana and claimed refugee status in Canada.

After becoming a refugee, Boykov’s first lesson in Canadian history was learning the story of Fox.

“We went to city hall and saw the plaque and painting of Terry Fox,” Mr. Boykov recalled. “It was an image that captured my imagination.”

Fox had been a competitive runner who had lost his right leg to osteosarcoma in 1977. In 1980, he decided to run the entire length of Canada to raise money for cancer research. After covering nearly 5,400 kilometers, Fox was forced to stop running. The cancer had reached his lungs. He died in 1981.

Since that time, annual Terry Fox runs have raised $500 million for cancer research.

Boykov recently won a $230,000 contest to create a commemorative sculpture of Fox. “I’m very proud and honoured to have been selected. I can’t adequately express my satisfaction,” he said.

For More: The Globe And Mail

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