Australia’s Forrest Gump Ends Marathon Journey

Tristan Miller Completed His Year-Long Marathon Adventure This Week. Photo: Herald-Sun

The man sold everything and decided to just go running.

At the beginning of last year, Tristan Miller, 33 years old, made a monumental decision. An unhappy salesman at Google, Miller realized he “needed perspective on his life.” And so he did what the famous Forrest Gump did: He ran.

“Someone asked me what I was running away from. I was just running away from all the obvious trappings in life,” Miller said. “I had a car, a big mortgage, all those sorts of things, and that wasn’t making me necessarily happy, so I just wanted to go and see the world once again, get some perspective on my life, and see what else is out there.”

Miller then decided he would run one run marathon a week for the whole year across all seven continents.

It wasn’t easy for the man from Melbourne Australia. After a difficult run in Mongolia, he wanted to give up. But he didn’t and just last week finished a marathon in Antarctica.

Rebecca Sherwill, Miller’s girlfriend, hadn’t seen him for five months.

“Not many people set such crazy goals, but it’s been an adventure,” she said.

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