Barefoot Movement Influences Everyday Footwear

Shoes are going through unprecedented design changes due in part to the resurgence of minimalist running.

As with most trends, barefoot running and minimalism are influencing other areas. According to a Detroit News article, one such area is everyday footwear. Cushioning and heels are out. Feel is in.

Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst with the NPD Group, a market research firm agrees. “As we continue to see the casualization of America grow and grow and grow, it has reached the footwear business to the degree of, ‘How much more casual can you get than running shoes?’ he asks. “Here’s your answer: unstructured footwear that is as cozy as wearing nothing on your feet.”

One company at the forefront of the casual-shoe market is California-based Sanuk. Their hang tags boast: “THESE ARE NOT SHOES.”

The company’s founder, Jeff Kelley, ran up steps every day. He compared what it was like with shoes on and without. According to Kelley, the barefoot experience was much more preferable.

For More:  Detroit News

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