Between Bare Feet And Shoes: Footstickers

Footstickers are supposed to offer protection to key contact points on the foot. Photo: Inventor Spot

The new invention gives minimalist runners yet one more option for footwear.

Not sure if you are ready to go all the way to barefoot running? According to the Web site Inventor Spot, Nike EMEA has developed something between no shoes and minimalist footwear: Footstickers. This new form of protection cover the contact points of your feet and are a form of protective skin, like a callous. When wearing Footstickers, the rest of the  sole is left exposed to contort and bend as if running barefoot.

Nike’s promotional material describes them as follows: “There are many advantages of bare feet sporting: better motion control, more feeling in your feet and direct floor contact, etc. In this way you are more grounded and more aware of your feet and movements. Its also a good training for stronger feet. But a disadvantage is the risk of injuries, you can easily twist or slip.”

Apparently, the company is coming out with various types of stickers, depending on the desired activity.

For More: Inventor Spot

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