Bill Rodgers Wins Age Group In Half Marathon

 “Boston Billy” hasn’t lost his competitive spirit or his ability to win.

The four-time winner of the Boston and New York City Marathons added a new victory to his impressive resume last weekend: age group ace. Rodgers, 62 years old, ran a 1:39:39 at the Palm Beaches Half Marathon. According to Rodgers, his race wasn’t easy. He raced a woman for several miles.

“She was tough as nails,” Rodgers recalled. “I was surging, giving it everything I had. It was like the Boston Marathon. I finally put the white flag up. In the end, she beat me.”

Rodgers was a VIP speaker at the event, which included the Palm Beaches Marathon. He arrived at the finish line of the half marathon in time to hold the tape for the men’s marathon winner, Ronnie Holassie.

Rodgers’ time at the Palm Beaches Half was his third-fastest for the year.

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