California International Marathon’s Growth Spurt

One of California’s fastest marathons is really taking off.

In the past five years, the California International Marathon (CIM) has doubled in size. It is now the 15th largest marathon in the country with 8,000 marathoners and an additional 4,000 runners who take part in the race’s four-person relay. Race organizers recently raised the cap from 7,500 to 8,000.

“We could have kept going,” said race director John Mansoor. “People have called kind of nonstop.”

The race is famous for its fast times, which is one of its key selling points. Race officials have also been taking part in a campaign to advertise the marathon by visiting race expos in other cities.

“We’ve been person to person, talking to people, giving away all our promotional stuff,” said CIM race director Leigh Rutledge.

With the increased amount of runners this year, Mansoor is watching certain areas of the course to ensure bottlenecks aren’t happening and taking precautions where necessary.

“This is like having a child,” Mansoor said. “I’m just watching that child grow up.┬áTo see thousands and thousands and thousands of runners enjoy the course and race, that’s a great experience.”

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