Coach Offering Free Half Marathon Training

The coach is offering 40 free sessions to anyone regardless of ability.
Harmander Singh, a seasoned marathoner, is offering free half marathon training sessons for up to 50 people. The catch: You have to live near Newham and Redbridge England. Singh, 51 years old, has proven his skills as a coach. One of his athletes, Fauja Singh, is 99 years old.
Anyone completing the training will be afforded the opportunity to run in the annual Sikh Relay Marathon next summer. That race has the world’s oldest relay team.

Coach Singh is passionate about running.

“Running can really change your life – you don’t need expensive equipment or membership fees, bar a decent pair of running shoes,” he said. “I find running a great way to keep in shape and relieve stress. It also brings people together.”

Besides 99-year-old athletes, Singh has coached overweight runners, getting them to finish their first marathon after just 18 months of training. “[One of them] couldn’t believe how fast she lost weight,” he said.

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