Faster Computer=Better Chance To Run Boston?

The 2011 Boston Marathon sold out in under ten hours, upsetting a lot of runners.

According to four-time champion Bill Rodgers, if getting into the Boston Marathon for him were an online race, he’d lose. “You’ve got to be good with the computer these days,’’ he said. “I’m not. If I was a qualifier, I would lose out.’’

A quote like this from “Boston Billy” does not bode well for the Boston Athletic Association, the marathon’s governing body. For its 2011 edition, the marathon sold out in a record eight hours, leaving many runners who had worked hard to qualify for the race unable to compete in it.

The BAA is doing something about this issue, says race director Dave McGillivray. He notes that the organization will be making some “necessary adjustments” as well as taking a few “innovative approaches” to deal with the problem.

However, McGillivray remains realistic about the registration process. “No matter what, you’re going to ultimately disappoint the same amount of people,’’ he said. “But you want to give everyone an equal chance to get in. That’s the goal. We have a problem here and we’re not going to eliminate it completely.’’

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