Fewer Japanese Runners At Honolulu Marathon

Despite the decline in Japanese runners this year, they still will spend $100 million on tourism.

As Hawaii’s largest marathon prepares to kick off this weekend, it’s evident that there are fewer Japanese runners this year. Because of its relative proximity to that island nation and its allure for tourist reasons, the Honolulu Marathon has always catered to Japanese runners.

But according to an article on KITV.com, there are eight percent fewer Japanese runners this year. Still, Japanese participants are expected to spend more than $100 million in tourism. This is due in part, because the Japanese yen is at an all-time high.

As the expo officially kicked off yesterday, runners lined up trying to secure a late entry. Price tag: $240.

Masuyuki Tanji from Gunma, Japan was one of these runners.

“I am really excited, but also nervous because I am not really good at running,” said Tanji, who is running his first marathon. “I am going to spend a lot of money because I want to go shopping. I want to do a lot of stuff, a lot of activities.”

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